Why Every Local Business Should Use Google My Business

Google has just made life a whole lot easier for local business owners with the launch of its exciting new tool, Google My Business. Submit My Business Details to GoogleIt combines Places for Business, Google Local and Google+ Business under one easy to use dashboard. Now, managing multiple Google accounts has never been simpler and the marketing advantages are endless.

What’s more, it’s free with no hidden costs. Here is a quick summary of some of the services included:

Submit My Business Details to GoogleGoogle+ (Google Plus): This is Googles answer to Facebook and is a social networking platform. You can share messages, photos, videos and links to your followers, directly from the My Business page.

Reviews: Google has an entire review platform which gives businesses ratings based on their reviews. This is all manageable through the main page.

Google Analytics: You can very quickly and easily see all of your websites stats right on your business dashboard.

Insights: Insights gives you vital information on your visibility, engagement and trends in the market.

Submit My Business Details to GoogleMaps: Manage your businesses location and information available on Google maps.

Hangouts: Video chats with your customers.

As mentioned earlier, this is all a free service. If you currently use Google Places for business or Google+ Pages to manage your online presence you will already have been upgraded.

Not only that but they are fine-tuning the My Business platform for mobile use too and it is available in both iOS and Android.

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